Thursday, March 19, 2009

Latte, home

I started watching Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey yesterday morning because I woke up with Breakaway by Big Pig stuck in my head.

Far out, how many drummers can you fit in one video? Or is it just an optical illusion, with a bunch of mirrors multiplying the number of drummers? Rad song. I haven't seen the video since...hmmm...the jukebox at Bar Ace in Sydney in October 2007 maybe. Before that, I hadn't seen it since it was in the top 50 on Rage.
Anyway. Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. Halfway through the opening credits I realised, "Oh right, the Big Pig song is actually in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure." I ended up watching for half an hour, and the rest this morning. I noticed a few things:
  • What's with the double bass the Grim Reaper plays in the final scene? It has horizontal F-holes on the body under the fingerboard, which makes it look like it has a moustache.
  • For all the guitar-miming-coaching they put Keanu and dude-who-plays-Bill through, couldn't they have at least told the Reaper, "Put your left hand on the neck and the other one down near the bridge"?
  • The credits list Steve Vai and Jim Martin as playing the air guitar licks. I'd like to see a list of who did which ones.
  • The reverb on the Reaper's voice in his first scene is awesome. I'm sure there's a thread on gearslutz about it*.
  • As Pam Grier (who appears to have borrowed Tina Turner's hair for the role) starts unzipping just before she turns into Rufus, some guy yells out, "Yeah, take it off baby!" Out there somewhere is a guy who can truthfully say, "Hear that? That was me!"
* I checked. There isn't. Can somebody start one if you're a member?


  1. Not Gearslutz, but will The Womb do?

  2. Brilliant! Nice one Brendo.
    For clarification: it's on the Reaper's voice in the scene where he first appears, just after Bill and Ted get pushed off the cliff by their evil robot future selves. I think he says, "You will come with me."

  3. Someone dug this up:


    The reverse reverb on Bill/Ted is probably more interesting!