Monday, March 23, 2009

Latte, Hobart Airport

"Man, I can't believe it cost NINETEEN DOLLARS for fruit salad, a toasted sandwich and some orange juice."
"Woah! Ouch! It was $4.90 for a latte and a potato cake. That's not too bad, but it means the potato cake was a dollar."
"That's good for an airport."
"Yeah, but I remember the days when they were 50 or even 40 cents everywhere."
"Hmm. I'm trying to remember how much they are at Lambs on Brunswick St, whenever I go there when I'm wasted. Maybe three for $2.00 or something?"
"Yeah. That sounds about right."
"How's the coffee?"
"Meh. Not bad. I told Adam it tastes like someone's heated up a Big M."
"Are you going to blog about it?"
"Yeah, I have to. But I won't take a photo. That might make it last l... Shit! That's what I'm going to write!"

I didn't take a photo of this coffee because I was afraid a photo might last longer. I do not wish for the experience of this coffee to last any longer than it has to. On the bright side, at least it wasn't too hot.

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