Monday, March 30, 2009

Jetstar, Coolangatta to Melbourne

Flying with Jetstar is like flying with Qantas, but a few things will be different or go wrong.
One of these is that the system doesn't make sure each boarding pass for each flight has a different seat number. This must be a hangover from the first-come-first-seated system of Jetstar's early days. On both of the Jetstar flights of the last two days, at least one of us has boarded the plane to find somebody else in our seat with a valid boarding pass with that seat number on it. The crew even casually called it something like "double seating": it must happen a lot if they have an official term for it.
Another thing that's not quite right about Jetstar, in comparison to QANTAS, is the coffee. It's Jasper instant coffee, which means it tastes passably good and ticks all the fairtrade/organic/Colombian boxes, but hey, it's still instant. QANTAS is still winning the mile-high coffee race in my book.
I spent most of this flight playing Wolfenstein on my iPhone. It is really, really, really good.

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