Saturday, March 7, 2009

Flat White, Carriage Cafe, Fremantle

I just had a look at the statue of the late Bon Scott, original AC/DC frontman and "Fremantle's biggest international export"1. If you want to find it, go to the Little Creatures brewery, walk towards McDonald's, and it's right there on the right side of the road near the anchors. It is almost life-size, which just makes it look like he was a really small dude. And I couldn't help but notice the belt buckle. It looks like the ones the X-Men wear. Was Bon Scott a genetically mutated superhero? Is that what the sculptor was trying to say with this work?
The trapezoidal guitar amp Bon stands on appears to have REAL 1/4" input and output jacks. What would happen if I plugged a guitar in and started playing Jailbreak? Would Bon come to life and start singing?

1. Mayor Peter Tagliaferri, via Sunday Times, via KNAC

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