Friday, March 6, 2009

Flat White, Angels Cafe, Fremantle

My cousin is a chef. Actually, three of my cousins are chefs, but we're getting away from the point. He once told me that if someone's happy with their food they'll tell three people, and if they're not happy they'll tell ten people. That theory doesn't really apply to this blog, as I'll tell however many people are reading, whether the coffee is good or not. In the real world, however, I told at least ten people about what happened last time I went to Angels Cafe. It was bad, but not in a Michael Jackson way. Okay, maybe in a Michael Jackson way. Anyway.
What I'm getting at is that if you become the new owner of a place that has possibly had MANY people tell ten people about their bad experience, you're pushing shit up a hill. Shit service, shit food, shit coffee; that might longer be the case, but it's still a long way up reputation hill before you can plant the flag of redemption. That's why the coffee blog is here to lend a hand.
I heartily recommend Angels Cafe. It's a totally different story to last time I came here. Is it the best coffee in the world, as the chalkboard claims? No. Is it better than before? Certainly. Is it the best in Fremantle? Possibly. I haven't been everywhere in Fremantle. Is it worth visiting? Yes. If only for the "Frankie Says Relax - Have a Coffee" sign.

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