Monday, March 2, 2009

Espresso, home

Home, home again. I like to be here when I can.
The backyard looks pretty amusing. Anything that was growing in a pot still looks dead from the high temperatures two weeks ago, but other things seem to be growing out of all the gaps between the bricks. Lea said the backyard is growing plants like an old man grows hair: in all the wrong places (ears, nose, etc).
I also said on the phone, "I won't use that quote, you don't need to remind me to footnote," but I'm running dangerously low on material over here at Blog HQ. Whenever I think of something, I'm more inclined to put it on Twitter rather than save it up for next time I have a coffee. The old-man-hair quote was one of the few hilarious things that happened today that I didn't tweet about. That thing about Etihad and Hisense only showing up on my brand awareness receptors when they had a stadium and arena named after them, that could have been expanded into at least two paragraphs and a photo, or indeed one sentence longer than 140 characters (like this one). Yeah, I said that much better without Twitter's immovable word limit.
Maybe this is a sign that I'm not really sticking to what Twitter is all about. It doesn't ask, "What are you thinking about?" at all. It only asks, "What are you doing?"
There. Problem solved. Unless the answer is, "drinking coffee," I'm pretty sure the content of my Twitter and the coffee blog won't overlap.

Wow, that was tedious. Yes, there really is a lack of content here today.

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