Friday, March 6, 2009

Espresso, Angels Cafe, Fremantle

Welcome to today's iPhone Keyboard Annoyance. This one only effects people who want to construct complete sentences, in particular sentences involving dialogue. This may only be a short segment of the iPhone's userbase. Consider typing the following example:

"Don't worry," said Steve, "we'll be able to fix it in a firmware update."

We run into the following problems:
  1. After the word Steve you change to the punctuation page, type a comma and press space. It automatically puts you back on the keyboard page. You have to change back to punctuation again for the quotation marks, and back again to start typing we'll.
  2. After the end of the sentence, with the full stop inside the quotation marks, if you type two spaces to make room for the next sentence, it automatically adds ANOTHER full stop outside the quotation marks.
Typing lengthy conversations on the iPhone is not recommended.

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