Thursday, March 12, 2009

Double Espresso, home

I'm really hanging out for a better Blogger-compatible iPhone app than BlogWriter to become available.  There's a few out there, but at the moment they have annoying shortcomings, ie not yet supporting uploading photos to Blogger.  For now, continuing to use BlogWriter and putting up with no tagging and limited photo resizing is a hell of a lot easier than moving my whole blog to Wordpress and using their extremely rad (as far as I can see) iPhone app.  But I really have to draw the line at the no-saving-drafts thing.
For instance, this morning on the long term car park shuttle bus at the airport I had nothing to do for about six minutes and decided that was a good time to post something about the double espresso I pulled at about 8.10am and didn't have time to write about yet.  I started writing, went off on a few tangents (as I often do) and then noticed that we were already driving up the ramp to departures, and I had to start thinking about getting off the bus.  I switched the screen off, and got off the bus.  A few minutes later I got my phone out, for reasons other than continuing the blog post, specifically finding out the name of that Burt Bacharach track I Shazammed from Kieran's headphones last week.  It was Something Big.  Check it out, it's rad.  But I think it's not on iTunes.  That's okay though, many rad things are not on iTunes.  Anyway, so I pulled out my phone, pressed the "back to menu" button, and opened Shazam.  I sat down a few minutes later and went back to BlogWriter and my post was GONE.  If you exit the app before you send the post, it disappears.  It's the iPhone equivalent of accidentally pressing "back" in the browser while writing a lengthy email in Hotmail.  In situations like that, the next email you write is much shorter, and usually begins like this:

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fucking Hotmail...I just wrote you the looooongest email ever, it was awesome, and then I lost it.  I'll rewrite it in dot-point form.  Sorry.

Anyhow, I should probably do the same:
  • Pat Benatar has been on high rotation this morning.  So many hits!  Wow!  It all sonically stands the test of time too, except maybe that synth sax thing in the chorus of We Belong.
  • Hmm.  I can't remember what else I wrote.
  • This replacement post has been far better than the original one I lost.

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