Saturday, February 21, 2009

Latte, Tiger, Tiger, Perth

GeoTagged, [S31.95314, W115.85205]

Yes, the name of this place has a comma in it. That's something I haven't seen before. It also looks confusing in my comma-delimited title: is Tiger the suburb?
I've been walking around for about half an hour trying to figure put where people eat breakfast before 9.00am without going to Subway or Muffin Break. Yes, that two-hour time difference gets me every time in Perth. Anyhow, Google Maps and Grendel's blog came in handy, and here I am at Tiger, Tiger. Eggs benedict on rye bagel. Cut Copy's first album. Interview with Howard Shore glued to the wall, and another with Phillipe Cohen-Tanugi (how's that for a triracial name) who is the director and secretary of Mariage Freres in Paris - easily the most mindblowing tea experience I've had. I would be happy to not drink tea again until next time I'm in Paris. It's that good.
But that's a subject for the tea blog (coming soon..?).

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