Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Latte, Mr Tulk, City

The Tulk is pretty onto it, but I got the feeling they were letting quality control slip a little today. The latte had too much head. There was a rogue chip in the calamari. All the salt had landed on one poached egg. The chai latte came out as a normal-ass chai. Hmm. None of these are dealbreakers, but there were four of them at once. Maybe it has something to do with how busy it was: we were there exactly at the time normal people have lunch. At any other (relatively less-busy) time of day, these problems don't seem to come up as it is less hectic and there is more time to spend getting orders right, not sending out sub-par coffees, etc. Another reason to come here at less-congested times is the one thing that really lets down the whole library-themed interior design: THE NOISE. It seems like everyone needs to yell to hear themselves. This may be due to the depth of the tables: you are sitting far closer to the person on the table next to you than you are to the person on your table that you are trying to speak to. The result is that the guy on the next table is yelling to the guy opposite him, and it just feels like he's yelling in your ear. Try to get consecutive chairs on the big communal table at times like this. Or alternatively, start shushing people and see if that helps.
"Shhhh! Please try to keep it down, this is a library!"

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