Thursday, February 26, 2009

Latte, Macchinetta, Melbourne Airport

Well, I finally got up to my eighth coffee at Macchinetta: the free one! The card was a little ambiguous: do I have to buy eight coffees and earn eight stamps before I get a free one, or is the eighth coffee the free one? Lucky for me it was the latter, and I felt a lot better about paying $5.50 for a bottle of slightly bourgeois water. So I ordered a latte. A small one, as always.
"Ryan. Ryan Seacrest? Hahaha..."
I'm not sure what you call that brand of humour, but the barista seemed impressed with his ability to call me by another Ryan's surname. I mulled this over, and he handed over the coffee. The giant, milky coffee.
"Here you go Ryan Seacrest."
"Oh, is that a small or a large?"
"It's a large. It's free."
"Oh sorry, I ordered a small."
"Do you want a large though?"
He seemed unconcerned that this bargain I had stumbled upon involved diluting the same amount of coffee with more milk.
"It's more for free isn't it?"
"Er, yeah."
They just don't get it.
It was still good though. Might have been better with less milk. But still free. Free!

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