Thursday, February 26, 2009

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Cathy Dennis. Just Another Dream.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. She was a one- (or possibly two-) hit early 90s wonder, and the backing vocals in the chorus sound like Rick Astley. What you might not know is how many other HUGE songs she has written since then. I'll start by saying "Kylie - Can't Get You Out of My Head", and continue by directing you to the List of Singles Written by Cathy Dennis page on Wikipedia. Reading through the list you will go through various phases: wonder, denial, anger, fear. But at the end you will probably think Cathy is very clever, and one of the most prolific pop minds alive today. But you'll probably want to slap her still, as she is responsible for Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl". Grrr...

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