Friday, February 27, 2009

Espressi, The Village Inn vs Starbucks, Gatwick Airport

While we were walking around looking for some breakfast, we debated whether the usual "avoid chains at all costs" theory sticks at airports. Starbucks was shiny and promising next to The Village Inn, which looked as ugly and sticky as the carpet at the old cinemas in Frankston. But we needed to eat. I knew we'd made a mistake in ordering coffee with breakfast as soon as I saw the coffee menu behind the bar. It was one of those menus that feels the need to give a description of each coffee, and the description for espresso was "The small one".

Watery and way too long. And such a bad taste that it made you squint. Bomb.

We walked straight to Starbucks next door. Even though it's a chain, at least they churn out consistently short, strong, non-squinty espresso.

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