Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Espressi, home

I couldn't quite get it in the zone this morning. One took 16 seconds, then I adjusted the grind and the next one didn't get anywhere near 30ml in 30 seconds. I tried them both, and the second one tasted better, but still kinda nasty. I was left unfulfilled knowing that I hadn't really made a good one. But I was running out of time: gotta leave the house soon.
(the more cynical of you may point out that I'd have had time to pull a third shot had I not got online to post this blog entry)
I'm glad I've got those chocolate-coated coffee beans that Lando brought home yesterday. Woo! Spring Break!

(sorry about that digression at the end there - I got into a habit of yelling "SPRING BREAK! WOO!" over the weekend (the reasons why are on my Twitter feed - it has a lot to do with attending a keg party) and it's hard to kick the habit now)

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