Saturday, January 24, 2009

Latte, home

Espresso machine, radio, air conditioner, PBS 106.7. Why leave the house?


  1. hey mate...

    just curious about the sylvia + rocky...

    where did you buy it from and how much did you have to part with...

    and any particular reason you got the doserless rocky instead of the one with the dosing chamber?

    cheers mate... + love the blog

  2. Google around "Rancilio Silvia" and there should be plenty of retailers in Australia. in Sydney and are two that I found. Find out who chucks in the most free stuff for the lowest price I guess? Or find one near you so you don't have to wait for it to get delivered.

    I went for doserless because I'm only going to make one or two coffees per day with it. If it was getting used more often the doser would be very handy, but having a doser and only using it for small amounts means there's a lot of ground coffee sitting in there going stale for no reason. I figured I'd be better off just grinding what I need for each cup. It is slightly more of a challenge getting the same sized dose every time though.

    Hope that helps, cheers,