Friday, January 30, 2009

Halftte, home

Oh Jesus. Forty-four degrees! Why on Earth am I drinking hot coffee in this weather? Air conditioning. That's why. That's also why the city's power consumption went through the roof and millions of homes went into a blackout. The gods of electricity are cruel on days like this.
"Right. If I catch anyone turning on their air conditioner, you'll all have to go without for the rest of the day! And you have to stay back and write lines after class. 'I must realise that humans have been putting up with variations in temperature for thousands of years before the invention of evaporative cooling or air conditioning.'"
Well, the spell checker on Blogger insists "evaporative" is not a word. But check out the Google ads at the top of this page. Lots of people selling "evaporative coolers", right? That's common usage if you ask me. I'd allow it in Scrabble. I'd be impressed if you could expand on the word "vapor" to make "evaporative". I'd be very impressed if you did the same with the word "rat", and another word somewhere to fill in the missing letter.

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  1. I'm completely over this heatwave. 45 degrees the other day, but you still need coffee, right? My solution is an iced coffee: a shot of coffee, ice, milk and some icecream/cream if I'm feeling greedy. Cools you down slightly more than a latte does.