Friday, January 30, 2009

Flat White, home

As any Coca-Cola billboard ad will tell you, it's summer. That can only mean one thing. Festivals. Call me cynical, but it seems like music festivals are turning into somewhere that teenagers go to gather in a field and be marketed at to the tune of songs that they know because they've heard them on iPod ads. Music in advertising has long been a get-rich-quick scheme for songwriters. According to Neil Young, in this week's Big Issue, this trend started at Woodstock. It was Crosby Stills Nash and Young's second gig ever. It was also, according to Young, the time and place where marketers realised these kids were a big enough group to target, and they used the music to get to them. "That's the long term effect. Woodstock was a bullshit gig," says Young.

Be sure to catch Neil Young at the Big Day Out today if you're in Adelaide. I'm pretty sure you won't recognise any songs from Pepsi ads.

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