Sunday, January 25, 2009

Flat White, home

If anyone out there is thinking of installing Parallels because they think they'll get a kick out of seeing Windows XP install inside a window on a Mac, save yourself some time and open this image in a new window:
Sure, the progress bar won't move, but hey it moves slowly anyway. If you do install Parallels, be warned: Windows is annoying. I'm sure you know this already, but installing Windows XP on your Mac via Parallels may let you play Minesweeper, but it also brings with it Windows's more annoying traits. This might refresh your memory:
"Your computer might be at risk. Click this balloon to fix this problem."
"30 days left for activation."
"A network cable was unplugged."


  1. Question for you.. actually more of an opinion.. Have you seen or tried the single coffee shots you can get that come in a range of different flavours? Myer has them. I think they are called Nespresso

  2. Yes I've tried them in a few hotel rooms, etc. They work, kind of. Does the word "Nespresso" mean "not espresso"?

  3. google define = FAIL!

    Wikipedia seems to know an aweful lot about nespresso, but never know how credible that site is.