Saturday, January 31, 2009

Espresso, home

Walking down Chapel St today, a guy stopped me and asked where you can buy those shoes from. Only on Chapel St. I almost laughed out loud, for I was wearing Dunlop Volleys. Not the groovy Mooks ones, not the emo black ones. The white-with-a-blue-stripe ones. The normalest shoes in the world. Why would anyone want to know where to get those from? I didn't know what to say other than, "Er, Big W?" He asked where that was. He isn't from around here. I looked up and down the street and realised I wasn't either. I wished him luck.

Interestingly, I saw a guy in the city wearing the elusive but well tennisy-looking white-with-GREEN-stripe Volleys earlier today. I nearly asked where he got them, but thought that would be weird. I guess city-weird and Prahran-weird are at opposite ends of the weird spectrum.

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