Saturday, January 24, 2009

Espresso, home

I'm changing the rules again.
Take a look at Friday. No entries. That's no fun, is it? That's not what excessive blogging is all about. I've been pretty committed to non-stop wall-to-wall blogging for the last year (except for June and July, which I've yet to fill in) and I've no reason to stop now. The "I'm Not Posting If I'm Just Troubleshooting Espresso Problems" rule was too convenient an umbrella under which to hold too many coffees. So let's kick it back up to every coffee I drink will get blogged status. For the record, I went to Atomica again on Friday. It was rad. Again.

In other news, this. Just briefly, it's an open letter from Chris Randall (creator of Audiodamage plugins, blogmaster on to Jona Bechtolt (musician, aka YACHT). Jona is outspoken about his software piracy, in particular that sold by Audiodamage. Chris got wind of this and mentioned it (very briefly) on his blog. Jona responded in comment, citing that everyone is a pirate, really. Chris thought this wasn't good enough. Click on the word "this" at the top of this paragraph to read his response. Sorry to give you so much backstory, but this story will either not get your attention, or intrigue your pants off. If so, put your pants back on and read. It's great to watch the sparks fly.

For the record, I paid for my copy of Automaton. Reading that blog post only makes me want to support what they're doing even more.

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