Saturday, January 17, 2009

Espressi, home

I might soon have to introduce a rule to this blog where if all I'm doing is tinkering with grind and tamping and pointing a temperature probe into running water, I won't blog about it. It will get tedious. Tedium is a big part of this blog, but not what this blog is supposed to be about. I'm very proud of my multimeter/stopwatch/shitload-of-shot-glasses method (far more complicated and accurate than yesterday's DIY Roger Bannister atrocity) but I won't bore you with too many details. Actually, I like that rule so much I'm going to enforce it starting from now. No more relevant tedium. The irrelevant kind is so much more fun. Furthermore, if I go a whole day without posting, you can assume that I was espressotroubleshooting. That's far more likely than me not drinking any coffee. Let's move along:

You know when you hear a word for the first time, and then it seems to pop up everywhere for the next week, and you wonder how you got this far in life without knowing what that word meant, as everyone seems to use it incessantly? I've got a similar situation with people carrying birds in public. On Tuesday I saw a guy walking along Rathdowne near Latrobe with a budgie sitting on his shoulder. I thought, "That's odd, you don't see that very often." This afternoon I saw a guy walking down Rathdowne (much further north this time, near La Porchetta) holding a small branch (no leaves, like a "twig" but thicker) with a cockatoo sitting on it. That's two birds in one week. How many birds-in-public have I walked past prior to this week and not even noticed? Or does this only happen on Rathdowne St?

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