Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Short Macchiato, Macchinetta, Melbourne Airport

Spotting the lid of the elaborately large stovetop-shaped storefront while I was checking in upstairs, I realised this was a good opportunity to check in on Macchinetta and see how the shots are shaping up. Things have changed. Last time I baulked at the grouphead sitting on the bench. This time, he pulled the shot, took a look at it, had a sniff, raised an eyebrow, tipped it out, and made another one. That's very rare, especially at an airport. But I was the only person in the queue. It seems everyone still is still going to the Hudsons on the other side of the metal detector. That's a perfectly good reason to go to Hudsons instead: it's hard to get your metal objects into the tray while carrying an espresso. I had to hold it between my teeth.

But Macchinetta care about the quality of what they serve you. Hudsons is more like fast food.

It looks like I just may fill up my loyalty card and get my free coffee at the end. Eventually.

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