Thursday, December 18, 2008

Short Mac, Macchinetta, Melbourne Airport

New coffee at Melbourne Airport. Excellent. I'd really like to have a dependable regular here of similar standard to Quikfix in Sydney. If you check in with Virgin and take the escalator down, the red stovetop-shaped Macchinetta should be right there in front of you.
It's a great location. Where people are usually devoting a lot of energy to avoiding being signed up to American Express, there is now coffee. Now, on to the coffee itself.
The portafilter was sitting on the bench. Not attached to the machine. This is a bad sign. I often walk away in that situation. Depending on how long it had been sitting there, it would contribute some serious temperature issues and really screw things up. Perceptive, or just paranoid?
It turned out okay, if a bit, er, nonflavoursome. That could be a combination of the length of the shot (ie. longer than I thought necessary) and the portafilter thing.
Something tells me I won't be getting eight stamps on the loyalty card and claiming my free coffee. But the stamp is also shaped like a stovetop. Cute.
So it's not another Quikfix, but there's potential. I suspect that portafilter thing was a one-off. If I'm not flying to Sydney next time, or if I really can't get through the flight without an espresso, I'm sure I'll come here again.

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