Friday, December 19, 2008

Qantas, Sydney to Melbourne

The steward took our orders (a coffee and a bottle of water), headed towards the cart, and took a few more orders on the way, including two Cokes for Kish and Adam behind us. Bec, another row back and across the aisle, asked for a hot water. This must have confused the shit out of the steward, as he went off to the other end of the plane and disappeared for a few minutes. The cart kept moving, only increasing the amount of people the guy on our end hadn't served yet. He finally came back, totally forgetting about us, but finally filling the hot water order. I grimaced at Bec. The guy brought out one can of Coke for Kish, and asked Adam what he wanted. It was still a Coke.
He served someone else, and then came back to us.
"Is everything okay here?"
"We ordered a coffee and a bottle of water."
He went back to the cart, which had moved further down the aisle again. He returned with my coffee, and then asked Harry, "And for you?"
"A water."
This was starting to take a long time.
Finally, he asked Adam for his order again, and replied, "Oh, sorry, we're out of Coke."
But it was okay. It was our smoothest Qantas check-in ever. It still counts as a pretty stress-free flight.

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