Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Latte, Shelley and Elizabeth, Richmond

There sure are a lot of cafes springing up around Richmond. I figured these guys were worth a try, considering their short walking distance from the studio. If they proved to be a winner, that sorted out my coffee situation for rehearsals. NY Tomato has disappointed me in the past with waiting time and weak coffee and adding sugar I didn't ask for (it makes you wonder why I keep going there doesn't it). Victoria Lounge is good, but slightly too far a walk - longer than it takes the other guys to have a cigarette, so it's hard to step out for a coffee and almost any time. First Pour is just not walking distance. Shelley and Lizzy could solve all my problems.

"Small, medium or large?"
That put me off. Am I becoming more perceptive, or just paranoid?
It wasn't bad. A bit on the weak side, but pretty well done. Maybe not enough to inspire more visits, but still pretty good. The schnitzel (insert synonym for "toasted sandwich" here) was damn good. The breakfast menu looks pretty happening too.

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