Sunday, December 21, 2008

Latte, North Island, Fitzroy North

A lot of places use the portafilter that can feed two cups at once. If someone orders a "strong", they point both ends into the cup. If they're making one non-strong, the other half of the shot just splurts into the dreg drawer. Some places actually pull the second half into a small metal jug, which is then ceremonially dumped into the dreg drawer anyway, or into the sink. North Island, however, curiously pull the other half of the shot into another glass. The glass gets set aside. When I turned up today, they had built up quite a collection. About four unused shots.
Ryan: What happens to them?
Barista: Iced coffee sometimes. Or they get thrown out eventually.
Ryan: It's a bit sad, really, isn't it.
Lea: Maybe you can sponsor a discarded espresso.
Ryan: "For the price of a coffee, you too can make a difference..."

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