Sunday, December 21, 2008

Latte, home

I discovered that site at Brunswick Street Bookstore in the silly/stockingfiller/amusing section, as it is the latest blog to be inaugurated as a book-turned-blog for the festive season, in the tradition of Stuff White People Like - The Book. I hadn't heard of Sleeveface otherwise before, but judging by its status as the latest craze that everyone is talking about I'm sure I would have heard about it some other way in the next three days.

Blogs in book format. Wow, what a way to get people to read your blog. They might not buy the book, but they sure will go home and read exactly the same thing for free online when they get home. That would have to be the most effective - if a little long-winded - way to attract site traffic. The only other blog I can think of being actually promoted is the Muscles Music Blog. I saw rock posters advertising that, but it still took me months (until right now, in fact) to actually check the site out. This isn't necessarily a sign that using rock posters to advertise a blog is ineffective. It probably just means that I see posters while driving, and am less likely to write a URL into my phone while driving than I am while trying to not buy a book.

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