Friday, December 19, 2008

Latte, home

Yep, that breakfast sure was huge. All I've eaten since then is that large-ish cookie and ludicrously small apple on the plane, and I'm only really starting to get hungry now. Actually I'm not really that hungry, I just feel like I should eat something. I could do with a coffee though.
On the subject of the cookie: why is there so much packaging per passenger just for one freakin' cookie? It comes wrapped in plastic. They also give you the place mat, which contains a serviette and cutlery, wrapped again in paper. That seems like a lot of crap that's just going to get thrown out. The purpose of the place mat seems to be catching crumbs and acting as a rubbish bag at the end. I've never seen anybody use it so. And why does anybody need a knife and fork just for a cookie anyway? Come on Qantas.

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