Monday, December 15, 2008

Latte, home

Seven o'clock on a Monday morning? Yes. Really.
I'm very glad I didn't have the last of my beans last night. It would have meant that
a) I would have probably had to stay up slightly later, and
b) I wouldn't have had any beans left this morning.
That would have been a crisis. Even less sleep with no coffee at the end of it.
In the news today, it turns out Melbourne's water storage has gone up by 0.2% - about a tenth of what I said it would be yesterday. According to my calculations, that means it's going to require precipitation of BIBLICAL proportions to get us back in the zone.
Luckily, it's a different story in our backyard. The catchment area received heavy rainfall over the weekend, and has kicked the capacity of the watering can back up to 100%. The venus flytrap is looking pretty healthy too; it's even getting that red tinge inside the traps. It just may catch some flies yet.

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