Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Flat White, Brother Baba Budan, City

Don't you hate it when you hear something flipping amazing on community radio, and then the phone rings and you answer it, and then when they finally backannounce the track you're not paying attention because you're still on the phone, and you never find out what it was.
But then you get on the PBS website and find which show was on at that time, and check out the page for that show to find what the song was. Many of the shows have playlist history online.
But this one doesn't. So you might never find out who that sax player was who sounded like he was jamming with three cats walking around on an organ.
But then you realise you know the guy who runs the show that played the song in question. He works at the video shop around the corner. You decide to ask next time you're there.
Finally, you realise there is an easier way. Even easier than walking to the video shop. Just find the guy on Facebook and ask him.
As you read each sentence above, you may notice how the circumstances get more and more specific, and are no longer applicable to the "Don't you hate it when..." scenario I started off with. But the important thing is I found what the track was. It was Sun Ra. Off his 1978 album Disco 3000. It's one of the few things that are not yet on Youtube.

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