Saturday, December 20, 2008

Espresso, Sousou, Fitzroy

This is my first decent espresso from here in a long time. If JD Salinger was writing my dialogue I'd probably say, "Christ, that damn coffee was really goddam decent, I swear to hell." I guess that might be the end of my "Maybe we should have coffee somewhere else" rule for Madame SouSou.
Espresso quality aside, it's still confusing when you go up to pay the bill. You can't stand in front of the bar opposite the cash register because there are glasses hanging in front of you. If you move slightly to the left, you will be uncomfortably close to the next table, and this may be interpreted as eavesdropping. The only option is around the end of the bar, the only thoroughfare between the behind-the-bar area and the rest of the restaurant. This area is frequented by staff. You'll feel like you are in the way. Unfortunately they leave no other option. Odd. Almost as odd as the fact that their business card is now a sticker. Just in case you want to stick the phone number somewhere.

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