Sunday, December 28, 2008

Double Macchiato, Tate St Ives, St Ives

As predicted, St Ives is to Newquay what Byron is to Surfers. In other words: more art, less tacky souvenirs; less games arcades, more independent shops. Presumably there's also a lot more decent coffee, but I became utterly confused by the winding, cobbled streets, and it was easier to just follow the signs to the Tate Gallery.

The Macchiato was excellent, as was the sweeping view of the ocean. The current exhibition in the Tate was perplexing to say the least. Some pieces were damned impressive, but others looked like something anyone could devise with the help of a ruler and a set-square. The strangest by far was the piece that looked to me like a lump of rock, and was inexplicably titled "Sleeping Musician". Can someone else try and get a look at it and explain it to me?

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    I see what you mean...