Saturday, November 29, 2008

Strong Latte, Coffee and Vegetarian Food, Queenscliff Music Festival

It's always hard to figure out which coffee van is the best bet at outdoor folksy music festivals. I chose immediacy over everything else; the hair-wrapped, quesadilla-squishing folk at the bus (which I assume they all live in) with the "Coffee and Vegetarian Food" sign had a very short queue. The other choice was around the corner towards the Lighthouse Stage, where a very small van with about four people inside, and a queue of at least ten, seemed to be the crowd's favourite. I figured I'd rather spend less time waiting for a potentially disappointing coffee, as pessimistic as that sounds.
It wasn't bad. Kudos, hippies! The shot itself might have been a bit over-extracted, but at least the milk was in good shape. I'll have to deduct a few points for the flimsy cups though. They were so flimsy that when I grasped the cup, it squished in and overflowed. They gave me a second cup, but that was equally flimsy. Two flimsies is still less than sturdy.

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