Friday, November 28, 2008

Latte, North, Carlton North

Have you got today's Age? Flip to the weather page. Go to the water storage bit. It says the level of water in each of the reservoirs. Add up all the percentages. Divide that number of reservoirs, multiplied by 100. That number should be, you would assume, the total water storage level.
Was your result waaaay different to the number on the front of the Age? Confused yet?
Also, one of the dams is listed as 100% full. That's not very conservatively rated; does that mean you couldn't fit another glass of water in there?


  1. Ryan, I think your method only works if all the reservoirs are the same size. :-)

  2. Oh shight, you're right.
    That means my findings indicate that the reservoirs currently experiencing low percentages must be the BIG ones.
    Right, we really are in trouble..