Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Latte, home

Some more info on the Mr Miles blend:
"A thick body with sweet, strong characteristics."
I got that thick slurpy crema thing to happen this morning, where about 1/3 of the volume of the finished shot is crema the colour of somewhere between the inside and the outside of a Crunchie, and it stays there.
I'm still figuring out what phone to get next. I've narrowed it down to an iPhone or a Nokia N95i. My main priority is a phone that is usable as a phone (surprisingly, not all phones turn out like that anymore), that I can take photos from and send them to Blogger straight away (this blog will be updated far more punctually as a result), and maybe with a GPS tacked on too.
It turns out I can get an iPhone for slightly cheaper than the N95i. The iPhone is slimmer. The N95i has a better camera than my camera does. The iPhone is an iPod. The N95i is one of the few phones with a normal-ass headphone jack. The iPhone's interface is rad, I'm familiar with that from my iPod Touch. The N95i is a Nokia, whose interfaces I've been pretty happy with in the past. The N95i has 8GB internal storage, plus whatever memory card you want to plug in. The iPhone has 8GB or 16GB. You can drag anything from your computer onto the N95i. The iPhone is a bit more closed; everything has to go in via iTunes. That's a pain in the ass. But as a music player, the iPhone is an iPod.
Okay, most of those pros and cons kind of cancel each other out: I can put up with the fatness of the N95i because it's a better camera; I can put up with the not-quite-as-good camera on the iPhone because it fits in my wallet. What it REALLY comes down to is how blog-friendly they are. I'm messing around with the iPhone Wordpress app right now on my iPod Touch. It is rad. You write your post, add a picture from the library or the camera, and publish it. That's exactly what I'm looking for. I haven't yet figured out if there is a similarly useful iPhone app for Blogger.
The N95i seems capable of blogging. I'm not sure how much yet, though.

Readers: do any of you have an N95 and have you successfully posted three photos of coffee per day to Blogspot?

Wow. That's a good 500-ish words of blogging about blogging. That's almost as redundant as freestyling about freestyling. I heard enough of that at the Laundry on Monday night. I also heard this:

I hadn't heard that track in a while, and I forgot that, even if you ignore how rad the rest of the track is, it also has the same bassline as the theme from Knight Rider. You can't really beat that.

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