Thursday, November 20, 2008

Halftte, home

I'm getting pretty close to finishing Hey, Nostradamus! by Douglas Coupland. If you've read anything else of his, a word of warning: this book is no walk-in-the-park pop-culture-namecheck like jPod and Microserfs. It's a bit of a downer. A bloody clever, beautifully written one with page after page of exquisitely-applied semicolons, but a downer nonetheless.
But I guess I should expect that from a book about a high school massacre.
In other Coupland news, I read in the Green Guide last week that there is a TV series of jPod out there somewhere. The bad news is:
  1. It's only screened on FOX8 in Australia, on rich person (cable) TV
  2. It was axed after one season
These are bad newses for me because:
  1. I can't watch it, unless it happens to be on when I'm on a really long Virgin Blue flight and I've swiped my credit card in the hope that FOX8 is screening some sort of fifteen-hour Simpsons marathon
  2. Maybe it was axed for a good reason
Mind you, a lot of things are axed prematurely. The Mick Molloy Show. Rove, when it was on channel nine. Way to go, Nine! You're still number nine! But some things get axed because they suck. To which category does the TV series of jPod belong? We'll let YouTube decide that.

Woah. I just watched a bit and decided the book is still funny without being read out loud on TV. TV sucks.

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