Saturday, November 22, 2008

Flat White, Brother Baba Budan, City

In the weekend vapornews today: girls get rich and famous blogging, or as the article says, they use their blog as a foothold, or rung, or some other metaphor, up the ladder to greater fame. The criteria seem to be late-twenties (done), have at least 1000 page views per week (I'm a fair way off from that), female (out of the question), and possibly wear a dress made from condoms, or something. That last one is also pretty far out of the question.
Sam, of Ask Sam fame, says in the article that blogging is a 24-hour job; she is up replying to comments all night. Wow. Replying to comments! I've never really thought about that. One does wonder how she can be such an authority on "relationships, dating, cheating, flirting, romance, or love" if she also spends this much time blogging - wow, nerds must be cool again.

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