Thursday, November 20, 2008

Espresso, home

I downloaded World of Goo.
This game is going to require a lot of coffee to play, but I'll probably want to keep playing rather than write a blog about the coffee I'm drinking in order to play it.
Quite the predicament.
By the way, the survey results are streaming in. I can't believe somebody who had coffee in the same building as Leo Sayer is reading my blog!


  1. did i comment about this game earlier maybe when you talked about this game from maxis? err i cant remember and im on break so im short on time to look ...

    ... maybe i was rather trying to suggest you a cooler alternative to dr mario (dr robotnik mean bean machine, tetris grand master :P)

    world of goo rocks, im trying to clear all of those level with that kinda "perfect" mark you can get now...

    its pretty ruff ... sometimes you have to do weird moves to get more goo outta it ... i wont get into details eheheh

  2. Yeah i'm in level three now, where you have those goo balls that you can shoot across the level and bounce off things. Awesome.
    Hard to get OCD on all the levels, yeah. And my tower keeps falling over in goo corp too. I keep building a pyramid, and they never fall over, but they're not very tall and use too much goo..
    I did mention Spore in another entry yeah. I should play that more often..