Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Strong Latte, Small Block, East Brunswick

I haven't been here in at least four years. It was kind of hard to remember which corner it was on, actually.  The coffee is still just as rad, though.
It reminds me of one of those places in Sydney where there is no real barrier between the coffee-ers area and the coffee-ees area. Sorry about the hyphen, but I try to avoid using the word "coffeeees" at all costs.  Anyway, you walk in the front door and think for a moment, "Hang on, did I just come in the wrong door?  It feels like I just walked into the kitchen."
Nice collection of things on the wall too.  There is a signed photo of, er, somebody on the wall.  I have no idea who it is.  We asked the waiter for more information.  He tapped the side of his nose and then returned to the coffee machine.
"It's a photo of your nose?  Wow!"
I didn't really say that.  But the same waiter came back again later and said, "It's a Melbourne celebrity."  I wanted to blow this guy's cover and just ask another waiter, but they all seemed busy dismantling one of the windows.  For cleaning purposes, presumably.

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