Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Strong Latte, Atomica, Fitzroy

Atomica was great today, but I couldn't stop thinking about sorting CDs.

So where do I sort D'Angelo? I initally put him in the R&B category, but then realised he is the only artist in there. He also belongs in the "gratuitous cornrows" and "unnecessarily shirtless album cover" categories - he is the only member in both of those - as well as "those bastards who write songs, sing them, and occasionally play all the instruments too". George Michael belongs in that one too, but as I explained in the last post, he's my "pop" yardstick too. And D'Angelo ain't George Michael. So he's going, reluctantly, with Cody Chesnutt and Plantlife and Nino Moschella, at the latter end of the soul/funk/etc category, which just happens to be populated by some of those bastards who write songs, sing them, and occasionally play all the instruments too.
Aha! I'll put Lenny Kravitz in there too. For now. He was sticking out like dogs' balls in between rock and..er...oh shite maybe he was somewhere else. I'll have to look around for that.

While we're on the subject of D'Angelo, his first album mysteriously turned up in my collection about a year ago. I can never remember buying it, and I can most certainly remember thinking it wasn't really worth buying except for one or two tracks. So how did it turn up in my collection? Well, I might never find out. It seems to have disappeared again. Odd.

Just bought a few more CDs today too. I'll have to figure out where to sort them.
  1. Senor Coconut - Around the World. It seems pretty straight forward, cheesy but incredibly clever latin covers of things like Sweet Dreams, etc. But every now and then you realise, "Hang on, that was a complicated computery glitchy thing. Is this dance music?"
  2. Secondo - A Matter of Scale. Occasionally acidy breaky bits (with the odd slap bass interruption) that have been taken to with some sort of very funky digital machete. Easy. The not-commercial-dance shelf. Oh hang on, track eight suggests this go in the coveted top five loudest hand claps ever category.
Still not sure about CD singles. Do they have their own shelf, or do they get sorted with everything else? Decisions...

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  1. CD Singles should get sorted as if they were any other CD. That way, if you own any full length CDs by the same artist, you'll easily be able to find them. Plus, 'CD single' isn't a genre: whatever their genre is is their genre.
    Dr J