Saturday, August 16, 2008

Long Black, home

When I was thirteen years old, we went to Hawaii. I can remember something about it being a good time to go, before the kids got too old to go on all-in family holidays. I've heard of people my age now going on holidays with the fam, but it was still a great time to go. It was in other ways, however, horrible timing for me. I was going to Hawaii, and I hadn't discovered coffee yet. We even went to the big island (confusingly-named Hawaii) where, on the volcanic slopes of Mauna Loa, the Kona coffee region is situated. From Jasper's website:

Hawaii Kona Fancy Coffee is highly valued in the Specialty Coffee world for its intensity of flavour. These unique flavour characteristics are directly attributed to the Guatemalan heirloom Typica plant stock and the exquisite Kona growing conditions.

High demand, particularly from American connoisseurs, coupled with small parcel production means this coffee is in very limited supply. Rarely does Kona becomes available in Australia. As with all our Special Release coffees, this is the real McCoy 100% Genuine Kona Coffee.

The Kona region itself is very strictly defined and limited to a land belt, 2 miles wide and 22 miles long wrapped around the Volcanic slope. Containing around 670 independent coffee farms, often only three to seven acres in size. Only Kona Coffee produced in this area can bear the 100% Kona Seal of Approval.

So there we were, at one of these 670 independent coffee farms, where the beans were grown and picked from the rich volcanic soil, roasted, ground, and then brewed. My parents and my sister were just freaking out. I didn't get it. I hadn't discovered coffee yet. I've thought about this a lot lately. You can imagine what went through my head when I saw the bucket at Jasper labelled thus:

Hawaii Kona - Koa Estate. $100 per kg.

Wow, that big font was by accident, but I think it's worth leaving there. $100 bucks per kilo was a lot, but cheaper than going to Hawaii. I only bought 125g, but I figured that would be enough to make up for not drinking any of it thirteen and a half years ago.

Rad. I also grabbed another 250g of Sidamo for when the Koa runs out.

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