Sunday, August 31, 2008

Latte, home

My machine needs about 30 seconds to sort itself out every time you switch from steam mode to coffee mode or back again.  This isn't really very inconvenient, unless you want to make four coffees in a row.  Either the espresso shots are going to sit around for a long time, or you have to do espresso, then milk, then espresso, then milk, etc.  That just takes a long time.  So I tried doing heaps of milk first to save time, but that meant the milk had to sit around for a long time while I switched back to coffee mode, cooling down and separating.  After the latter was well underway, I started pouring and realised all the milk slid out from underneath the foam, which was left floating in the jug like an iceberg.  But hot.

So this one was a bit dodgy.

But if I'd put a lid on it, I probably wouldn't have noticed.

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