Sunday, August 17, 2008

Latte, home

The coffee blog hasn't been exploring the outside coffee world very much recently, what with the sickness- and house-moving-induced hermit-like state I've been in. But this ought to retain your interest:


My shoddy effort at keeping all the CDs in order in boxes during the move has meant that it's pretty much worth sorting them again, and I saw this as an opportunity to try a new sorting regime.

Genres. And within that, chronological, by development of that genre.

With alphabetical, it always gets hard to find stuff if it's been put back in the wrong place. In chronologenreical sorting, it doesn't matter if it goes slightly out of order. You'll still find it.

With alphabetical, you have to know what you are looking for. With genres, you can just go to a SHELF you feel like listening to, then something will jump out.

There's also more chance you will listen to stuff you forgot you had, because it might be sorted next to stuff you listen to all the time.

Pop has been the hardest area to define. At first I thought, "Everything that has verses and a chorus and something else in the middle is POP. I'll sort them all chronologically." But that's where it got difficult. Is Led Zeppelin pop? Sort of. But not as pop as some other things I've got. Is dance music pop if it has verses and a chorus? Yes. But some of it belongs in the same shelf as dance music that has absolutely ZERO chance of getting on the charts. They're all part of the same evolution, shouldn't I sort them together? Maybe. And what's the difference between pop that sold millions of copies, and pop that had just as much pop in it, but nobody ever bought it? Then I realised that commercial success was a stupid thing to take into account when sorting music. I'm sorting music here, not sales figures. I eventually came up with one question that answers whether something goes in the pop category.
"Does this belong in the same shelf as George Michael?"
It was pretty clear-cut most of the time.
But then maybe George Michael belongs in the dudes-writing-and-singing-songs-whether-people-like-it-or-not category. That's something I might have to address NEXT TIME I sort CDs.

I also discovered new genres I'd never even thought of. Sometimes I pulled out a CD and thought, "I have no idea what to call this." I put it aside, until I added more artists to the same pile. One of them is called "Bands With Lots of Members Who Play Lots of Stuff." Another one is "Instrumental Unlistenable". Another one was the aforementioned "Dudes Writing and Singing Songs Whether People Like It Or Not."

It's a long journey. And there are piles of CDs everywhere. The only true odd-one-out I have is Jerry Seinfeld's I'm Telling You For the Last Time.

Oh wait, I just found the CD single of John Safran's Not the Sunscreen Song. This could get confusing...

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