Saturday, August 30, 2008

3/4 Latte, Jasper, Fitzroy

It's a "three quarter latte", not a "three four latte".  That would be some sort of waltz.  Jasper have the Jamaican Blue Mountain beans in store now, and the guy talked me into having a cup.
"How do you usually have your coffee?"
"Latte, long black, short black, anything really."
"Okay it might be good as a 3/4 latte or a piccolo latte."
"That sounds good."
"A 3/4?"
"What's the difference between that and a piccolo?"
"It has more milk; a piccolo is much smaller."
"But a short mac is less again?"
I decided it was worth adding a new category to the blog, now that I was aware of the existence of the 3/4 Latte.  It is also expressible as 3L/4 but that's a little harder to visualise; you don't really have to make three lattes, distribute them between four glasses and then discard three of them.  Pouring "a bit less" milk works just as well.

Well, the first 3/4 was terrible.  Bombworthy.  It may have been three quarters of a latte, but at least four fifths of that was foamy nonsense.  I just picked it up and looked at it.  I wouldn't let that slide for $2.50, so I certainly wasn't going to drink it for $6.50.
Yes, it was six dollars and fifty cents.  The Blue Mountain beans (which attracted some serious comment action when I last mentioned them in a post) are $220 per kilo, and they don't get them in very often, so the price is pretty justified.  As is convincing everyone who sets foot in the store that they should order a cup of it.  Anyhow, I just picked it up and looked at it.  The barista broke the silence.
"Hmm, there's a bit much foam isn't there?"
I let the silence hang around a bit longer.
"Should I make another one?"
My continued silence was enough of an answer.  The replacement was awesome though.

It tasted like it was from the other side of the planet; like it was on holiday.
It tasted like evolution.
It tasted like Charles Darwin looks.
It tasted like it knew things that humans don't know yet.
It tasted like all the things that had lived and died and decomposed in order to be the soil that raised the plant the beans came from, had really thought about what a serious job they had been saddled with.
It made me realise how important a part the sun had in making this cup of coffee happen, and how much of a shame it was that it can only do so for another five-ish billion years.

Yep, that was worth $6.50.

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  1. so upsetting that they wasted the first cup of it though isn't it! $6.50 worth of this awesome coffee wasted because someone overdid it with the froth. very disappointing