Thursday, July 24, 2008

Long Black, home

I drank this one while sitting waiting for a tram with twelve layers of clothing on, with my bass strapped to my back, listening to Queen's A Night at the Opera. It's sooo rad. I give it another listen every few months, but this time it's because I just read Freddie and Me by Mike Dawson.
Check out The Prophet's Song. I don't really know how one goes about writing something like that. Mainly because of the number of voices involved. I mean, in 1975 Queen must have been busy guys, what with the worldwide fame and all that. It's not like they had time to all gather around a microphone and a delay pedal and work the whole thing out. Or maybe Brian May played the whole thing and said, "Hey Freddie, let's write some medieval lyrics and get the other guys in and sing this guitar solo instead!"
Actually, that must be what happened.

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  1. I be listening to that album on my way to some friends (gettin paid in herbs to clean the dishes yay!) ...

    By the way i hope you get better soon bro ... and i hope that me commenting is not gonna make you go blind or something @.@;;