Thursday, July 24, 2008

Latte, Kent St, Fitzroy

Stu Hamm turned up at the Night Cat last Saturday. He was in town with Joe Satriani. I wonder how he knew about the Night Cat? Is it internationally famous, or does Joe Satriani's entourage include someone who finds out hip places to go after the gig, or did Stu get in a cab and say, "Take me somewhere with fusion," or did he just leap out the window as soon as he heard the sweet sounds of Ross Irwin Soul Special playing "I Wanna Be Your Dog" pulsating through the windshield?
We'll never know...
That reminds me. I was at Melbourne Central yesterday and saw a poster for Noosa Jazz Festival. This was interesting for two reasons:
1. Noosa is almost 1500km from Melbourne, but they still thought it worth postering here.
2. The billing order of the bands at the festival.
The top row was in this order:
Jackson Jackson, Los Delincuente All-Stars, Watussi, The Bamboos
I thought to myself, "Wtf is Los Delincuente All-Stars?"
And then it hit me. I called Ross, leaving a voicemail.
"Hey Ross, I'm looking at a poster for Noosa, did you call the band Los Delincuente All-Stars?"
He texted back that yes that's what we're now called, and god knows how we got billed second, considering we barely exist.
Hmm. We'd better rehearse or something.

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  1. Los Delincuente All-Stars eh? The word is spreading... Some of us here in the UK have heard the buzz already... I got the heads-up from a friend in Scotland a short while ago and we haven't to my knowledge, even got Little Soul Circus here yet. Gotta say though, I am excited by the 'Latin' sounding title. I'm thinking "Fania" here. Can't wait to check it out.