Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Latte, home

Well, I got through one day without coffee. It hurt.

Gotta go. I'm going to bol up some spag.

EDIT: I just noticed an ambiguity. I said I got through one day without coffee. This means the day known as Tuesday did not involve any coffee on my part. However, if I had a coffee at 13:00 on Monday, and my next one was at 13:00 on Tuesday, this could also be interpreted as "going one day without coffee". Maybe this is what I should have said:

Well, it's been over 48 hours since I last had a coffee. It hurt.

Not only does this more closely describe what actually happened, but "48 hours" is cool for two reasons:
1. It is twice as big as "one day"
2. It instantly makes me think of Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte

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