Sunday, July 20, 2008

Latte, Alimentari, Fitzroy

Here at Alimentari they occasionally have a chip tin on display in the window. It's a yellow square (ie, made up of 90 degree angles) but rectangular (taller than it is wide or deep) tin with "Carmichael's" ornately written on it next to a woman with curly hair. I guess the only bit of the last two sentences that I haven't really explained yet is the phrase "chip tin". I guess potato chips used to be sold in tins, before the paper era and subsequent revisionist fresher-in-foil revolution of the mid 90s. Whatever they were used for, we had one in the house when I was a kid. We used to keep those 12-pack Thins/Ruffles/etc mini bags in that tin.
Back to the story: Alimentari sporadically has one of these tins on display. I really should ask about it one of these days. It must attract them a lot of business.

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