Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Latte, Alimentari, Fitzroy

Hi all. Thanks for sticking around and reading and occasionally commenting. The coffee blog is going to have to become a part-time thing for a while, but we'll be back later in the year.
(that makes it sound a bit more professional, writing 'we' instead of 'I')
We (there we/I go again) promise to bring you more coffee, and more importantly, more things that have even less to do with coffee than ever before.
I do realise that not blogging about every coffee is really going to throw the stats out of whack for the next month, but hey let's face it, the stats weren't very useful last time anyway.
But I do love an excuse to make a pie chart.

Failing that, linking to an incomprehensibly vague one is just as fun.

Latte, Newtown S.C, Fitzroy


Monday, June 2, 2008

Espresso, St Ali, South Melbourne

Who would have thought, that lane that goes along next to Factory Sound, that I've never driven down because it's a one way in the wrong direction, contains a rad coffee place. St Ali is a vast warehouse-type thing that roasts its own coffee, has a proportionally vast communal table in the middle, and chatty (but not hairdresser-chatty) staff.
"What have you been up to today."
That caught me off-guard.
"Oh, you know, driving around, organising stuff."
"Doing shit. Yeah."
Maybe that guy needed a coffee.
The espresso was a bad idea. It's always over so quick, (but I guess that's implied in the name) and I had no excuse to continue sitting around in their pleasant urban/industrial/polished interior.

Wow, I really have been nice in the blog today haven't I.

Short Macchiato, Pushka, City

Funnily enough, I've never noticed the tile mosaic above the door before. It is a bunch of green and blue tiles arranged to look like water flowing down the wall from the windows above. It looks like background art from Duke Nukem. The original 2D side-scrolling EGA one. Rad.
Pushka have an unblemished record of amazing coffee for me so far. Dave's flat white was "perfect" too. Thanks Pushka; you're the kind of place I want to tell everybody about, but feel like it would probably be better if I kept it a secret.

Strong Latte, Animal Orchestra, Carlton

Wow, no traffic. I guess that means everybody is running ten minutes late for work.
The guy wrote "CL" down when I ordered a strong latte. I assumed that meant that either
a) he misheard me, or
b) I have a speech impediment that makes the word "strong" sound like nothing at all
And so I was going to get a non-strong latte instead.
The guy who made the coffee brought it over and said, "Strong latte?"
Wow. I guess he just heard my order. AO is not a big place.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Espresso, Madame Sousou, Fitzroy

Odd night here tonight. Somebody dropped something loudly in the kitchen. One of the waiting staff appeared to grab their bag and storm out.
Wow, just like in Paris!!
But the coffee was ace.
(unlike in Paris)

(apologies to the Parisians, but I seldom say anything but the obligatory France joke in my blogs about Sousou)

Latte, Kent St, Fitzroy

My favourite thing about Kent St (other than it being situated pretty much nowhere near the street it is named after), is the projection over the front door. Blurring the lines between art installation and surveillance, the video from a camera pointing out into the street is projected onto a screen over the front door. It makes the whole wall look like a giant magnified lo-res window, bar staff can see if anyone is running off with the outside chairs and tables, and patrons (like me) can stand by and ponder what it all means.
They used to sell CDs here too. I wonder what happened to them.

Long Black, home

I just commented on my own blog.
Can you go blind from doing that too much?
Maybe it doesn't count because it was in reply to someone else's comment.
I don't know what the masturbatory equivalent to that would be.
But it sure isn't as bad as clicking your own Google ads.
C'mon, what are you doing in there?"
"Nothing! Don't come in!"
"You'd better not be clicking your ads!"

In the news: NPG Records orders YouTube, under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, to take down videos of Prince performing the Radiohead song Creep at Coachella. Thom Yorke's response:
'Well, tell him to unblock it. It's our... song.'