Saturday, January 19, 2008

Strong Latte, Presse, Elwood

"A latte. No, actually make that a strong latte."
I go for strong if it's after midday and I haven't had one yet. The expectation is that it's the same sized beverage, but with more coffee. Two shots, less milk to compensate. That makes sense. It's a latte, but its taste and effect is stronger. That's why I was surprised when the guy bought this out:
The silly-looking weird tall glass with a handle. I couldn't help but notice that there were plenty of normal glasses behind the bar. The guy said, "You ordered it strong." I still think it would have been strongER if it was in a normal-arse glass. But his banter about capsicum spray later on made up for it.

Well, the coffee was great (my shitty cameraphone doesn't do it justice) and eye-bustingly strong, but I have to deduct 500,000 points for the silly glass.

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